Agatha Raisin

High-flying London PR executive Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen, Extras, Ugly Betty) fulfills a lifelong dream of retiring to a small village in the Cotswolds.

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Agatha Raisin (gespeeld door Ashley Jensen) is een succesvolle public relations-specialist, die besluit haar leven drastisch om te gooien, stopt met werken en een huisje koopt in het zeer landelijke dorpje Carsely.Het valt haar niet mee om door de lokale gemeenschap geaccepteerd te worden, maar door haar talent om moorden op te lossen komt dat goed.

Is Agatha Raisin Renewed For Season 4? Will there be more Agatha Raisin? TV Shows Ace contacted Acorn’s marketing and they advised that they have not yet confirmed a Season 4. As TV Shows Ace reported, Acorn TV dropped Season 3 early, with “Agatha Raisin & The Haunted House” in time for Halloween 2019.

Discover "Agatha Raisin" outfits and related products from Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen), DC Bill Wong (Matt McCooey), Roy Silver (Mathew Horne).

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"Agatha Raisin" doesn’t need any laugh track to coax the listener’s response. The scriptwriting, characters, and attention to setting (I should know, having spent a summer in the Cottwalds, observing its inhabitants, their homes, their pubs and way of life)–all these conspire to provoke the viewer into supplying his own laugh track throughout each and every episode.

Incurable citadine, Agatha Raisin est une professionnelle spécialisée dans les relations publiques qui à l’aube de ses cinquante ans décide d’abandonner sa vie à Londres dans l’espoir de prendre un nouveau départ dans le village faussement calme de Carsley. Bien qu’elle ait décidé de gagner la confiance des habitants, tout ne se déroule pas comme prévu. Les événements vont.

Discover "Agatha Raisin" outfits and related products from Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen), DC Bill Wong (Matt McCooey), Roy Silver (Mathew Horne).

Agatha Raisin is a character and series of mystery novels by Scottish author M.C. Beaton (Marion Chesney). Raisin starts out as a frustrated PR agent in London who decides to retire from that line of work, moves to the Cotswolds and begins solving murders as a detective.

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Agatha Raisin, private detective, resident in the Cotswold village of Carsely, should have been a contented and happy woman.

But in M.C. Beaton’s Pushing Up Daisies, things are about to get a little less cozy. Lord Bellington, a wealthy land developer, wants to.

Now with her own detective agency, get ready for a third series of instalments as Ashley Jensen returns as Agatha Raisin, London PR professional-turned-sleuth.

Meet Agatha Raisin: feisty, gloriously non-pc, and used to getting her own way. After giving up her successful PR firm, Agatha moves to the cozy Cotswold village of Carsely–but the town isn’t quite as peaceful as it might seem.